Back to School

I hope everyone who is reading this had the most amazing summer!! Now it’s time to get “Back to School”.
Even though we are past our days of reading, writing and ‘rithmetic…I am quite sure I am not alone in what happens to me when September arrives, all I think about is SHOPPING! Now that we are “grown-ups” we get to trade in our shopping for “school supplies” to shopping for “cool supplies”

Plaids…. From dresses to Flannels! Mini…with pleats or without Skirts from Midi to Toppers, Sweaters, Cropped Tops, Metallic, Vegan Leather, Artsy, Classic Skinny Legs, Wide Legs…see a pattern here?

It’s pretty much everything goes! I have been out there shopping for the store for months, and really my tried and true motto of “wear what works for you” within the “trend”! There is something for everyone…all looks can be worn everyone!! Just make sure your proportions are right…for example, if you are going for a long oversized topper, make sure you pair it with a skinny bottom, and so on!

As to what colors are trending….purples, greys and neutrals! How exciting for us because we all have those basic colors already in our wardrobe, so we are ahead of the trend! It’s easy to be ready without spending a lot on the “new and trending”, pick up a scarf with the color purple and throw it on with that grey sweater or jacket already in your closet!

Wear the neutrals you already own with a new pair of winter white pants or jeans…done, you are on trend! The wonderful thing about the color palette this season is there is shade that looks good on every skin tone!

For my personal favorite color…Navy, there is a lot of navy offered this season, I love that, Navy is the new Black!

Think outside the box, the fun thing about navy is it looks great with purple, grey and winter white! So be your own kind of trend setter…mix and match the colors that make you happy!If you think you cannot pull off any of the new looks…just try us! We will take the “I can’t pull THAT off challenge”!

Happy Fall