Jeans vs. Genes


My favorite morning of the year….no more daylight savings time! The nights are lighter longer, the birds
start singing, the promise of rebirth! As I set my clocks ahead, I start thinking about the long winter we
are about to leave behind and I also start thinking about the weight I lost last summer…OMG, it’s back!
How did that happen? How did I let this happen? UGH, I have no willpower , I am weak, what is wrong
with me! No, I will not go down this path AGAIN!

We recently celebrated Boutique Wearhouse’s 2nd birthday and as I look back on these 2 amazing
years, I take a look at myself! I gained 10 pounds over the course of our first year, why? I was nurturing
everything else, the new store, my family, etc…making sure everything was in balance, but guess what,
I lost sight of myself… I was so “busy” I didn’t really eat during the day, then went home made a great
dinner for my family and over ate then noshed into the night! In my mind, I was consuming the same
calories so where was the weight coming from? Now, I have been on a “diet” since the age of 12, so I
know how to lose weight, right! Obviously, I had done it so many times! Now how funny is that, I have
no idea what I was doing ! So I took control, joined weight watchers on line, went back to the gym a few
days a week and Voila…I started losing weight, Again! Call it selfish, I needed to come first! What works
for me is grazing, eating 5 smaller meals a day throughout the day, so I made sure that’s what I did, and
it worked, while I stayed conscious…the store started getting really busy, the responsibility of school,
the holiday’sand I did it again, lost sight of ME!

Then came another winter, here I was armed (they looked great too) with my body that made me happy
and the cycle started again, Pound by innocent pound, I started gaining weight again…it was winter, so
the sweaters and jackets could cover the parts that made me unhappy…but is this really what I want
for myself. I am really good at accentuating the positive and camouflaging the negative, that is what a
good stylist does right?! They say to really get our minds in the game of weight loss, we have to accept
our bodies as they are, I agree with that, but it does not mean that we have to be OK with a body that
makes us unhappy, for me it means we have to accept our GENES! What I do know ,there is a pair of old
Gap jeans in my closet, that I will never wear in public, but when they slide over my hips without a grunt or a jump, I am where I am happy with my body, yes I did say that, HAPPY WITH MY BODY! It’s not the number, it’s when I look in the mirror and I like what I see .

My butt and thighs will always be my angst, but when I think of those old Gap jeans…Oh yes, “weighting” for me!

So this morning, I woke up, set my clocks ahead, and thought about my goals for this new Spring, not my boys, not my man, not the store, MY GOALS…as I sat drinking my coffee and enjoying my egg white  omelet (which I had made just for me) I realized, little bites, that’s what I need to do…so today I will take little bites, little steps toward my BIG goals! I will commit to me this season!

Gotta go, I am going for a little walk in the park, and tomorrow, I will walk a little longer, and the next day maybe a little longer…I will get back to my Happy Jeans (which I have hung on the back of my closet  door should I lose sight of me again!)In the mean time, I am happy with my GENES!

xo- Robin