Size matters?

Hi everyone…it’s been awhile, but I am back, with an opinion of course!

As we settle in to our second location, I am thinking about how our customers feel when they walk into both of our boutiques. This got me thinking about something that totally bothers me! This new trend of customers walking into stores and being told, “I don’t think we are for you” Really…. are business’s doing that well these days that they can not only refuse someone service but make them feel inferior because of their size?

We have grown up in the shadow of jutting hip bones and sunken cheeks of the likes of Twiggy, Cher, Kate Moss and the rise of the super model as celebrity, don’t get me wrong I really like and respect these women for what they have achieved. Yet out of this era came the new age of eating disorders, think there is a connection? HMMMMM…

Anyway, in a country where the median size is 12, why is a double 0 supposed to be chic, it’s not the norm, so why do we aspire to it? I’m not really sure, but what I am sure about, with age, comes wisdom! We are now wise enough (notice I didn’t say old enough, ha-ha) to have become comfortable in the skin we’re in! We have probably all gained and lost the same 10-15 pounds our whole lives and are obviously OK with it, because we keep doing it! So let’s stop blaming ourselves for being something we are not, a size 0, and for those of you that are, I am sure you are happy with where you are as well! We are all beautiful just the way we are….

So getting back to the topic at hand….does size really matter? Does it make us more or less of who we are? I think not! If you are unhappy with your size, then by all means, do something about….otherwise, let’s not feed into this ridiculous notion that smaller is better, I have never heard anyone say, I wish I had a smaller paycheck, I wish I had less friends, I would like less choice about my life, so see, smaller isn’t better :)

What is intolerable is that those of us who are not a double 00 (and you know I’m exaggerating), should never, ever, ever, never, ever, be made not to feel good enough!!!! When we walk into a store we should be welcomed, not judged, we should be encouraged to try something new to feel good about ourselves…actually the sales associate should be kissing our *$#%&*@ tushes to make the sale!

I am confident most of you reading this are past what other people think about them, because we are secure in who we are and have made choices when we were a little younger that we are now living by. That does not mean that we do not keep evolving into better versions of ourselves, but we now have a responsibility to those coming of age to teach and show them by example that this behavior by some high profile retailers (whose name shall not be mentioned AF, F21) is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE and we will not support them…These are our children, nieces and nephews, etc. They must be raised in the enlightened age we now find ourselves in…We are all perfectly imperfect! Accept it!

How am I so confident that most of you reading this are enlightened? I am confident because most of you reading this are customers of Boutique Wearhouse, where we really do pride ourselves on being an inclusive, not exclusive boutique! Now I am not saying we can be everything to everybody, nobody can! I am saying that we do carry sizes 0-16, not petites and not plus sizes, yet when someone comes in who our store cannot accommodate with clothing, there are always fabulous scarves and gorgeous jewelry!

So does size matter, of course it does…what’s your size? It’s perfect :)