I heard a saying once…Man Plans, God Laughs! Of course, I adapted it to (wo)man plans…
I have used this cliché many times in my life, yet I believe I am just starting to really understand the magnitude of those 4 little words!

Let me back up a few years and share with you what brought me to this AHA moment…
I had an idea about a new twist on a favorite past time, shopping; what if we offered current boutique clothing at discounted pricing in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with customer service being our number one priority, support our community through charity and art…blah, blah, blah
Ok, drew up a business plan, found space, connected with vendors, built a store and voila, Boutique Wearhouse was born! Less than 3 years later, we realized we were onto something, the community supported our concept as we have supported the community…we were actually offering something people wanted…a place where everyone knows your name (oops, i think that was Cheers), oh well, you know what i mean…friends, fashion and fun! [Read more...]

Retail Therapy

We have all heard the term, we have all used it…Retail Therapy! [Read more...]