It’s been a while…I’ve missed you!

We are now in our first full Fall season in Cherry Hill and thanks to the amazing community and the patience of our loyal customers in Newtown Square, we are off to an amazing start!

When this opportunity came my way, I was sure I would be able to maintain the balance I had finally found after 2 years between Mom, Shopkeep, Friend, Partner to my Partner… hahaha, you know that saying I love so much-woman plans, god laughs- well, so true, balance? Not so much! Time was no longer my own, so I had to prioritize, and guess what, there was no room for me in my own life!

You may think I am complaining, but I promise you, I am not! I love my life and wouldn’t have it any other way, I am doing what I love and still able to do it with joy and passion! I really do believe things happen the way they are supposed to and in the time they are supposed to, so I am trusting that I am exactly where I need to be at this very moment in time! With that being said, how does all this philosophical rationalization translate to real life or better yet, fashion?

Well, here’s the answer…when we come from a place of balance in our lives, life works!

When our closets have the right pieces, getting dressed becomes a pleasure and not a frustrating task we must do everyday. A new customer stopped by the store the other day just to tell us she had the best week of her life after her first shopping spree with us (now that may sound a bit dramatic, but she explained)…she loves clothes and looking good but hates shopping, so she really doesn’t do it that often,when she went home she took her purchases and laid them out on the bed, then she did something she said she always does, she made “dress-ipes” (you know like a recipe) she put outfits together, head to toe, took pictures of them, taped them in her closet, so when she goes to get dressed in the morning, there is no thought involved, she just wears her pictures! Isn’t that brilliant…

She said she never received so many compliments from people she has worked with for years…every time someone commented on her outfit, she felt better and more confident as the days went on! They say clothes make the man, so we can make that our own and say “dress-ipes” make the woman?!


With the holidays upon us, are you ready? Is your closet ready for those last minute invitations? I am sure you have your list and are making sure everyone else is taken care of…are you taking care of you? If you’re not, let me tell you, Mother Nature will…as I started this blog, I said there was not much room in my life for me, well guess what? I was working in the Cherry Hill store Sunday when the unexpected snow storm hit I couldn’t get home, so I checked into a hotel at 2:00 in the afternoon and had a whole afternoon, night and morning TO MYSELF!!! I got exactly what I needed!

So make yourself a priority in your own life…it will make you the best you that you can be and then you really can be there for everyone else!

The customer I mentioned above initially stopped by for 10 minutes to “check us out” she was on her way to take her son shopping…she called him and told him she would be there when she was done at the store….2 hours later, she was on her way, armed with a smile and an armful of bags to take care of her son!

Happy, Healthy Holidays..



Size matters?

Hi everyone…it’s been awhile, but I am back, with an opinion of course!

As we settle in to our second location, I am thinking about how our customers feel when they walk into both of our boutiques. This got me thinking about something that totally bothers me! This new trend of customers walking into stores and being told, “I don’t think we are for you” Really…. are business’s doing that well these days that they can not only refuse someone service but make them feel inferior because of their size?

We have grown up in the shadow of jutting hip bones and sunken cheeks of the likes of Twiggy, Cher, Kate Moss and the rise of the super model as celebrity, don’t get me wrong I really like and respect these women for what they have achieved. Yet out of this era came the new age of eating disorders, think there is a connection? HMMMMM…
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The Right to “Bare” arms

I whole heartedly support our constitution’s second amendment, while also being 1 of the 90% who believe there should be a thorough background check on anyone interested in owning a firearm…

Did you really think I was going to jump on that political soapbox? Oooh nooo, let’s leave that to our elected officials, LOL!

What I do want to talk about is our fashion right to “bare” arms, from wrist to shoulder, show it ladies! Whether your arms resemble Michelle Obama or Barbara Bush- go for it!

I have been in this business a long time and I was asked what is the one body part women are most self conscious of, I would have bet the store on the answer being hips and thighs, yet experience has taught me the majority of women are self conscious about their arms! [Read more...]

Ahhh Spring…

This season brings increasing daylight, warming temperatures, and the rebirth of flora and fauna.

Blah, blah, blah…what does Spring really mean….NEW CLOTHES! [Read more...]

Retail Therapy

We have all heard the term, we have all used it…Retail Therapy! [Read more...]