The Right to “Bare” arms

I whole heartedly support our constitution’s second amendment, while also being 1 of the 90% who believe there should be a thorough background check on anyone interested in owning a firearm…

Did you really think I was going to jump on that political soapbox? Oooh nooo, let’s leave that to our elected officials, LOL!

What I do want to talk about is our fashion right to “bare” arms, from wrist to shoulder, show it ladies! Whether your arms resemble Michelle Obama or Barbara Bush- go for it!

I have been in this business a long time and I was asked what is the one body part women are most self conscious of, I would have bet the store on the answer being hips and thighs, yet experience has taught me the majority of women are self conscious about their arms!

When I turned 35 I developed a skin condition called Psoriasis! I was so upset, I dreaded the onset of the summer season, it was going to long sleeves, long skirts and pants for me from now on! A couple of years went by and I was able to hide beneath my clothes, cover ups at the beach etc… you get the picture, because of course everyone would be staring at me, right? WRONG! No one really cared.

One day I woke up and thought, this is ridiculous, there is nothing I can do about this, so I shed my long sleeves and went forth in public, feeling completely exposed, guess what? The sky didn’t fall, the sun still rose, and I was free….perfectly imperfect!
So what’s the moral of this tale? Embrace your limbs, scarred, thin, heavy, whatever form they are in and don’t be afraid to go sleeveless! To enhance the arms you’re in, visit your favorite boutique where you trust the staff and seek advice, there are different styles to accentuate the positive and camoflauge the negative, a couple of examples…

Thin arms: a tank with cap sleeves, or a one that is cut to the outer edge of the shoulder

Thick arms : a racer back tank or one that is cut closer to the neck, elongating the arm by exposing more of the shoulder

If you find yourself feeling too exposed, why not try the newest look of the cold shoulder top, where the arms are covered but just the top of the arm is open, so you still have the security of having your arms covered, it’s a very sexy look!
So relax, be cool and enjoy all the sleeveless fashion this summer season has to offer! I promise the world is not looking at your arms, and if they are, show them what you got, in style!
Stay cool in style!
Xo, Robin