You are what you see!

I was sitting down this morning to put the finishing touches on a blog about “shoulder shelter”, when
my mind kept returning to a dove commercial I saw being discussed on Good Morning America, and I
realized, this is a real issue that most women face and should be brought into the light, so….

I have been working with women of all ages and sizes for over 30 years now and the one thing we all
have in common is our self esteem when it comes to our looks! We have been shown over the years
what beauty is in fashion magazines, Hollywood, etc…what is beautiful? Well if we buy into that culture,
they have been telling us, it is a size 2, a glamorous look, wearing expensive designer clothing, right?!

Come on friends, how many of us really look like that, or if we are honest with ourselves, want to? I like
to eat and drink and have dessert once in a while, does that mean that I am not beautiful? I think not…

I want to look good and fashionable all the time, but I work full time, have 2 beautiful boys who deserve
my full attention, and a relationship that I want to continue to nurture and be an active part of, so
where is the time to “get our look together” ?

That’s what this new movement from Dove is helping us see…beauty cannot be bought or worn, but it
really is from the inside out! Take a few minutes, yes you can find a few minutes for yourself, and watch
this video, it will be life changing!

So now, you have watched the video…what do you think? If you noticed, the artist only drew
a sketch of their faces. When we look in the mirror, do you see yourself the way others see you or
do we have a completely different take on our own looks? Not one woman’s self description looked
like the one described by a stranger! What does this say about us? I have not really thought about
how I feel about my looks because I have always been told since I am a little girl that I am pretty, so
I believed everybody else…but when I look in the mirror what do I really see? A ruddy complexion, a
heavy bottom, deep lines between my eyebrows….I could go on! I have always said, oh I wish I looked
like______! Fill in the blank for yourself! The reality is that you get one you! Imagine if our self image
matched that of how other people see us? The world would truly be a beautiful place!

So real beauty is really in the eye of the beholder….YOU!